Year 4 Web Links

English Form Click here

R.E Creation Story Links

Creation stories Knowledge Organiser

Genesis 2 ICB – The Seventh Day—Rest – So the sky, – Bible Gateway

Creation stories – The existence of God – GCSE Religious Studies Revision – CCEA – BBC Bitesize

Hindu Creation Story PowerPoint

Pangu and the Chinese Creation Story | Ancient Origins (

Creation stories in Islam – The existence of God –

Christian Creation Story PowerPoint

The Story of Creation from an Islamic Perspective | Quran For kids

Sikh Creation Story PowerPoint

Big Bang Theory PowerPoint

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Multiplication Times-Table Check

Times Tables Support TTRS Rolling Numbers

Maths Shed MTC Simulator

Hit the Button – Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (

NumberRocks Maths Chants


Summer 1: Photo Editing Be Funky Photo Editor – Online Photo Editing Program

Spring 2: Programming

Lesson 2: Look at the three dancing dinosaurs in the Scratch project:

Lesson 3: Example of animated name

Lesson 4: Look at the ‘Catch the shark’ Scratch game.

Homework Challenge:

Play the ‘Bat Catching’ game (, and then look inside at the code, looking closely at the loops.

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Autumn 2 Programming

Blank Scratch (no login)


Knock Knock Jokes

Support: Investigate an existing knock knock project

Examples of Knock Knock Jokes Programs

Lesson 2:


Lesson4 – 6

HopScotch Create Web Version

Turtle Academy Web Version

Autumn 1

Chrome Music Lab

Paintz App


2022 Links below.

The Promise – Amazon Reviews

Examples of Poetry


Stained Glass Windows


Example Postcard Writing

Facts about Scandinavia

Map of Scandinavia

Scandanavia Biomes PPT

What’s it like in each Biome?


Alien Coordinates

Top Marks Co-Ordinates Games


Calligraphy in Islamic Art


Extract Articles about Water Pollution


Biomes Information PowerPoint

Biomes Details Knowledge Organiser.

Virtual Biomes Tour


Example of previous letter plans

Writing Formal Letter Word Mat

Features of a letter examples


Interpret line graphs


Biome Information Fact Sheet


Example Improved Sentences -Cloud Busting


What is River Pollution? – Answered – Twinkl

What is Deforestation? | Twinkl Teaching Wiki.

What is Plastic Pollution? | Facts for Kids – Twinkl

Pacific Garbage Patch


Getting started with Crumble | Crumble-software | Coding projects for kids and teens (


First person or third person – Gameshow quiz (


Seismic waves – interactive simulations – eduMedia (

Seismic Waves – 2004 Sumatra Quake & Tsunami (


Triangles and Angles Splat!

Digital Angles Tool

Deadly Doors (

Pixabay Image Searching

Copyright free searching

Geography- Volcanoes

Label a Volcano Activity (Password:AL7063)

Reading about volcanoes of the world.

Look at a cross section of a volcano

Volcano glossary.pdf

Fun Volcano Facts for Kids – Interesting Facts about Volcanoes (

Fun Volcano Facts for Kids (All You Need to Know!) (

Volcano facts | National Geographic Kids (

Explore volcanoes – BBC Bitesize

Interactive Map of Active Volcanoes and recent Earthquakes world-wide (

Volcano Interactive Diagram – Internet Geography

Earth Shattering Events


Tea with Aunty Mabel.pptx

Art Pixlr

Al Photo Editor – Instant Photo Editing with AI | Fotor


Geography Lesson 1 Mountain Environments (1).ppt

Map of all the Mountains and Hills in the UK | Mud and Routes

Google Earth


Interactive clock | analog clock | digital | movable | teaching clock | visnos

Multiplication Times-Table Check


Task Two: let’s do some research:

Have a look at any of these famous people of faith

  1. John Newton
  2. Ghandi
  3. Yusuf Islam

What can you find out and report back on?

Science- Cold Blooded – Amphibians and Reptiles

Important Difference Between Amphibians and Reptiles (

What is the difference between amphibians and reptiles? – Twinkl Homework Help

What are amphibians? – BBC Bitesize

What are reptiles? – BBC Bitesize


Wild Robot : Shared Write


Facts about Romans for Kids – Roman Britain Homework help (

Roman Aqueducts: The Dawn of Plumbing – Kids Discover



Easy Soft Flatbread Recipe (No Yeast) | RecipeTin Eats

Flatbread recipe – BBC Food

Soft and Fluffy Flatbread (No Yeast) (

Easy Naan Bread (Yeast Free) – Hungry Healthy Happy


Racing Car Example

Knock Knock Jokes

Example of Knock Knock Joke


Matching Game

Decimal Place Value Tool

Dienes Blocks (

Ten Frame (


Money – Coins


Fraction Rods Click here

Fraction Circles Click here

Interactive Fractions Wall Click here

Mixed Fractions Click here

White Rose Parent Home Learning Website

Place Value Tool

Place Value Tool
Hundred Square

Arithmetic Test Paper Stage 3

Arithmetic Test Paper Stage 4

Arithmetic Test Paper Stage 5/6 SATS – Arithmetic (

Maths Shed MTC Simulator


Computing – Rapid Router – Level 44

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BBC Roman Empire

Ancient Greek God Links


English Links

Visit Greece Website

Greece Facts for Kids

National Geographic : Greece

Assembly – Wavin Flag- English / Chinese Mix.

Top Marks Christmas Activities